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Strategic Card Design

Redesigning the full portfolio of card product plastics for BBVA Compass Bank

Project deliverables
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The challenge

How do you breathe new life into a plastic card that’s been around for a long time, knowing that mobile is a big deal? How do you keep plastic relevant?

Business goals

  • Design/s should push the creative envelope to energise and inspire cardholders to want to use their card in addition acquire new cardholders (but adhere to BBVA and Visa brand standards)

  • Design to build an overarching theme connecting the product family and BBVAC brand

  • Design to be versatile for near future EMV chip placement

How we redesigned the full portfolio of card product plastics for BBVA Compass Bank


Design Strategy

Our team interviewed the Millenial future-forward thinking target audience, immersing themselves in their mindset so that they would able to conceptualise design directions which would be exciting to the audience. 

The design directions were then reviewed with BBVA to select routes that they felt best suited the audience for them to be developed further towards a final product.

Drawing inspiration from BBVA’s brand, we noted in particular an eye catching stair case in the lobby of the headquarters in Houston, Texas which we though could be utilised for inspiration.


Low Fidelity (Low-fi) Design

The chosen design routes, were elaborated using a lean methodology, investing a minimal amount of time in each route; with the aim to crystallise thinking around a final route to be selected.

Our team decided upon a new material called graphene which has applications for the future, enabling a forward thinking future for the Millenial generation.

The material is so strong, it could be used to build space elevators to get people & objects into space without the use of rockets.

We thought that the combination of these applications, along with the BBVA brand inspiration from their head office in Houston was the perfect design marriage.


Sketch Design

Sketch designs were utilised to visualise the design mechanics, so that they were able to be conveyed in a meaningful way to stakeholders for a final decision to be made.


High Fidelity (Hi-fi) Design

The final selected route was then elaborated adding, depth, nuance and final touches which were ready for production.


We created a new range of bank card designs for BBVA Compass (US). BBVA Compass required a new range of cards to comply with new banking regulations and the introduction of the EMV chipped card standard in America at the time. The project consisted of the design of over 250 cards that also included an NBA card range.


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