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The launch of a new (non-alcoholic) beverage category on social media 


Project deliverables
Social Media Management



The challenge

Heineken’s strategic intent was to launch a new non-alcoholic sparkling malt brand, Fayrouz, into an emerging non-alcoholic drinks sector in anticipation of tighter laws governing alcoholic advertising as as well a more health-conscious generation.

Business goals

In order to launch a new non-alcoholic product in a noisy and competitive market, on a limited budget, we devised a campaign focused on one social media platform, generating interest through smart concepts designed to connect with the local market in their own cultural language.

How we used story-telling to launch a social media campaign for a new category of non-alcoholic beverage into a noisy comms space.


Social Media Strategy

We analysed the current state of the brand and defined where we wanted the brand to get to within the social media landscape.

Our team identified the audience, understanding what mattered to them most and then defined messaging pillars and a hierarchy tying back to messages that would resonate with and engage the audience.

Along with messaging, we had a look at what competitors were doing in this space, to ensure that our messages cut through a noisy social media landscape to land a message that engaged the audience.

Campaigns containing a big idea were suggested to Heineken to select, along with platforms and paid media samples.

In the end Heineken seelcted natural-type imagery, and Facebook as a platform.


Creative concept production

We follow an agile approach to our creative, building it up layer upon layer.

Creative concepts were sketched along with a rationale and presented to Heineken prior to moving into the graphic production of the concepts.



Our specialist designers crafted eye-catching designs designed at resonating in the mindset of our target audiences.


Measurement, Reporting & Campaign Optimisation

A monthly social media performance report was generated highlighting the amount spent on each post along with key metrics such as cost per engagement and cost per acquisition.

The metrics led to optimisations being recommended for the campaign in order to maximise the paid media spend.


The campaign yielded an engagement rate of 15.4% within our audience, well surpassing industry-standard engagement rates.


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