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Digital Change Challenge


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Tap into 20 years of big digital consultancy knowledge for digital changes that will super-charge your business in a world of digital change. 

20 years experience for FREE, just keep us in mind when make your change

We’re a digital consultancy startup, and our consultants come with 20 years of big digital agency rigour and big brand experience each. Usually bringing a big cost that a big agency brings, our digital consultancy is so confident that we can make a positive change for you, that we will work with you FOR FREE FOR TWO WEEKS to identify quick wins that will deliver a noticeable impact, as well as a longer-term digital-change programme. 


We just need two hours from you to get going, and only ask that you keep us in mind when time comes for you to implement.

1. Pick your change challenge

Which option do you think would make the most change for your business?

Virtual Lesson

A. Get your products and services online

Service design analysis and recommendations

We'll look at how your current products and services live offline and provide a roadmap for quick (one week or less), medium and longer term objectives to get your products online and communicated to new potential clients derived from online sources.

Fire Show

B. Tell stories instead of communicating

When creating your marketing strategy, don’t forget about the bigger story: what makes you human?

Companies are no longer faceless entities. To survive, businesses need to connect with audiences on a human level, tug on their emotions and engage with them on a deeper level. That’s where brand storytelling comes in.


C. Where user journeys become human

We'll go on the same journey as your user and feel their same emotions so we can understand where they are happy, angry, or indifferent.

Plotting a journey map involves visualising the process that a person goes through in order to accomplish their goal, and we'll create a roadmap for immediate quick wins based on your customer's user journey.

Prototype Designer

D. Digital user experience (UX) review

Designing for users... I mean humans. We'll create a roadmap for us to understand the humans who interact with your brand digitally.

Do you know what people do when they're on your website or app, and do you know if they leave satisfied, having achieved their goals? We'll review your UX against industry best practise and formulate obvious quick wins for your team to carry out.

2.  A digital change roadmap in two weeks 

How we'll create your digital change program

Virtual Team Meeting

Day 1


Understanding whats important to your business now and in the future; and the problems you want us to optimise. 

Lens Zoom

Day 6-9


Attainable digital change arising out of industry best practise, and potential competitor-beating optimisation.

Hands on Keyboard

Day 2-5


We explore how your organisation does things, so we can prepare for the next stage of digital optimisation.

Sport Tactics

Day 10


We'll pull together our thinking an recommend quick wins in a week or less, and long-term strategic changes.

3.  What you'll get: A digital change roadmap

A real actionable and rapid short, medium and long term digital change program 

Low-hanging fruit

Rapid change that can positively affect your business quickly.

Medium term 1-6 months

Medium-strategic change to your business by optimising what you already have, or plug and play bolt-ons to your organisation.

Long-term (6 months +)

Big-ticket items that take longer to implement but have the most significant transformational impact on your organisation.

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