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3 human-centric things the energy sector can do to connect with its customers

Amazon. You know I’m talking about the company and not the forest. How did Amazon get to the point of being what is arguably the world’s most valuable company?

Huge insights into each of its customers is enabled by drawing on a store of past purchase decisions, learning about their habits, needs and predispositions.

What data points are useful though? Not only buying history, age and gender but also so much more around user click and scroll behaviour to train its AI to tailor offers based on the likelihood of you purchasing something.

Many energy companies have already invested in this rigour around data and insights to provide personalisation, however there are three key things which could be considered if they haven’t been already:

  1. Personalised campaigns are key to cut through the sameness of messages Using targeted campaigns which really understand customer energy needs down to street level can provide a real advantage over competitors who are not. Targeting with precision laser focused on a need is key eg. if a prospective customer is likely to have bought an electric vehicle within a particular demographic / area, they may be interested in lower tariffs for night-time charging. A list of customer needs targeted by geographic area, solved with the energy company’s product could have massive uplifts in revenue.

  2. Consider the ecosystem that the customer experiences a brands touch-points User behaviour indicated by visits to web content can provide an insight into the users needs eg if a user is viewing content about charging car batteries for their electric vehicle, that may trigger an email containing that content.

  3. Up your content marketing game These three type of content can help your organisation connect with your customers on a human level:

  • Human-centric storytelling of real people and processes peels back the iron facade of the organisation to reveal the people who run it, and humans can connect with that

  • Tie in content to your services as it allows potential customers to easily find the products that you offer, saving them time

  • In times of crisis and big change, like storms, let your community know that you’re there for them and let them know what services you have to help

Use personalisation and humanised content to smartly target customers.

The energy sector is different to Amazon, but not in the way you think. A lot of energy companies haven’t yet analysed and harvested data in the ruthless way that Amazon does.

A data and personalisation strategy is key to success in a market where the product options are limited.

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